Dancing Road-Dancing Road v2.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts)

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Dancing Road


Dancing Road is a game where players will spend their time completing different songs that offer different enjoyment. The gameplay that players will experience is entirely accessible, but there will always be challenges that you will take your time to overcome. At the same time, with a wide variety of songs, you will spend time unlocking the songs that you find interesting. Surely you will want to achieve the highest results for each level.


Players’ experience in Dancing Road revolves around the fantastic songs that you can experience in this game. At the same time, if you want to listen to music that the game gives you, you are forced to control the ball to roll to the destination without colliding with any other color elements. So you will have to carefully observe the ball’s color and what elements will appear in front of your eyes to have a reasonable reflection.

You will observe a path and a ball with a predetermined color. This color will be changed from time to time, things that require your attention. At the same time, the control method is straightforward when you need to swipe the screen to drag the ball to the left or right. There will always be balls of the same color as you, and you can make them disappear and continue on your way. At the same time, depending on each song, their difficulty will be different.


In Dancing Road, players will find many challenges that they must observe and execute correctly. When they get to a specific part of the road, they will find some speed hump. Its feature is entirely understandable when it will turn your ball into a different color corresponding to its color. So, the balls that you could touch before have become a factor that hinders you along the way.

As mentioned above, balls of the same color will disappear when you touch them, and sometimes a sequence of three types of balls will appear in front of your eyes. Your job is to choose the right ball to touch. At the same time, different balls also appear scattered in your path, and sometimes they will appear in front of you after you have changed color. It can be said that players will always have to pay attention and have quick reflexes during the game.


Besides the different balls in the level of Dancing Road, you also find a resource that you cannot ignore, which is scattered gold coins. They are the second element that you can touch, and there are many ways you can collect them. Specifically, you will complete the game screen well, and each screen has a certain amount of coins. In addition, you can also meet some achievements in the game to receive additional rewards.

Once you experience the game to a certain extent, you will want to earn yourself more amazing songs. Of course, you will unlock them with money and continue your journey to experience and listen to your favorite songs. The difficulty of each song is also completely different, so players will be able to challenge themselves and achieve specific results. Each has many stars corresponding to the level of completion of each match.


Background music that is unique and in keeping with the attractive themeThere are many stages of increasing complexity, each with their unique story.Practice mode is quite straightforward, relying on hold and drag controls.High-quality music in a variety of genres that appeals to a wide range of musical interests.